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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Android ARM Flash Player with HTC HD 7 Download

 Interested in the download link for the Android Flash Player 10? These download files are limited for function in armv6 processors only, but if you install them on phones with armv5 hardware, you will need between 8MB and 13 MB free internal storage and the same amount on an sd card. All flash videos online can be played then, but more than 512MB RAM free internal memory are recommendable, because no additional program can start any more. Therefore all that matters depends on the RAM.

 For enjoying mobile browsing the physical smartphone processor could matter, but doesn't. Android phones commonly provide with the ARM architecture and most players on the Android market are pronounced to substitute Adobe Flash Player 10 and 11 by armv6 and armv7 architectures, but what about armv5? The main difference seems to be the hardware, but the arm files for installation are data configurations only. And Adobe programs are definitely written for Windows phones - but web videos are not.

 My HTC HD7 Android phone plays all videos flawlessly in its browser, although fitted with the old armv5  processor. But: before I had installed and uninstalled all available versions of ARM and had hard reset the device, most of the web videos could  not neither be played by armv5 nor Marvell processors.

 These processors do exist as objective features,  but most modern phones miss them and the average people - just as me - prefer arm versions 5 and 6, because they are sold at affordable prices. These versions do work very well and show all available videos on the internet. So I am no longer bothered with messages as "Please install Adobe Flash Player, ... your flash player must be updated for viewing this video, ... and you don't have installed the right version of flash player on your phone, ... please go to this download page: ... ."?

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